Take action now and help to support Hip Hip Heredia and the many positive activities going on this summer. This is where your contribution will go?

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By supporting this work, you become a part of the community that is Hip Hip Heredia. So when you see/hear Hip Hip Heredia, know that it is us applauding all of you for becoming a part of our family. 

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Through a partnership with the brother jeff's Cultural Center we have been offering a free three-week musical theatre experience to the community/youth and our first performance is this Friday.


 "There's something magical that's happened here, and these young peoples 
minds have been changed"                             - brother jeff

     Clownsville is the story of an office drone named Thomas who falls asleep at his desk, and wakes up in an imaginary place he created as a child. Once there, he must help the Clownsvillians find a missing Clown. In finding him, he rediscovers himself.


"It has been an incredible experience, they have been working like professionals and have blossomed into a tightly knit group. 
We hope you can come out support, and applaud them for their commitment"                                                                                        - Carlos Heredia

     Heredia and Washington will be heading another free musical theatre program in July, please E-email us if you are interested @

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Then Sean Met Khalid is returning to Denver!
Hip Hip Heredia is excited to have been invited to perform at the 2014 Colorado Theatre Festival! We will be performing Thursday August 14th, 2014 at 8:00pm. Stay tuned for more details!

- - - - - - - - AUDITIONS COMING SOON!!!

Stay tuned!

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