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What's Going On??


“If you want to go quickly, go alone, if you want to go far go together"

                                                                                             - African Proverb

"The concept of Hip Hip Heredia is all about family. It's the idea of a community coming together to support, grow and applaud one another.  The arts have such an amazing influence on us consciously and subconsciously that I felt it my responsibility to create positive, family friendly material that hopefully inspires change.”                                                                                                                        

                                                                                                        - Carlos Heredia

Amanda Berg Wilson, Angie & Will Doyle, B Afeni McNeely Cobham, Billy Heredia, Bob Desplaines, Brenda Lyle – The Family Learning Center, Brian Shiavo, Cynthia Ward, Daisy Castro-Ramos, David Heredia, Edwin Heredia, Cornelia Heredia, Eliana Caplan, Erik Erwin, Erin Mulligan, Esmeralda Rosa, Flor Marquez, Gabriela Rivera, Gerald Chertavian, Jeff Fard – The brother jeff's Cultural Center, Jim Hill, Joe Polman, John Cancel, Jose Ortiz, Juan Juarez, Julio C. Heredia, KC Hill, Kirsten Wilson, Laurel Alterman, Marjorie Alexander, Marlene Almodovar, Meg Allen, Miguelina Ortiz, Motus Theater, Nicki Bennett, Patrick Hill, Rachael Sharp, Rebecca Hammond, Rebekah Henderson, Renee Chalfant, Robert Pinna, Rosey Waters, Shirley Vargas,