TV & Film

Queen Of The South                                                Ben                                          Batan Silva

Naked                                                                     Extra                                        Michael Tiddes

Looking The Movie                                                  Extra                                        Fair Harbor Productions

CDC Waiting Room PSA                                           Featured                                  Mile End Films
Oaks Card Club                                                       Featured                                  Atomic
San Jose Tourism                                                     Featured                                  Aristotle Inc.
Beats Headphones                                                   Featured                                  Good Company
THUUZ Sports                                                          Featured                                  Rebel Unit
Brentwood Dental                                                    Featured                                  Comcast Spotlight
Honda                                                                      Featured                                  MJZ
CustomInk                                                               Featured                                  Krumper Films
Visit Denver                                                             Principal                                   Futuristic Films
Carr & Carr Insurance                                              Principal                                   Crosspoint

Challenge Accepted A One-man musical                   Carlos                                     Hip Hip Heredia theatre

Then Sean Met Khalid the musical                            Sean White                              Hip Hip Heredia theatre
A Midsummer Night's Dream                                   Theseus                                  Three Leaches/Kid's Theatre West
Back To Canterbury                                                 Rooftop Johnson                      Hip Hip Heredia theatre
Fables Old & New                                                     Ensemble/Musician                 Imagination Makers
Clownsville The Musical                                           Captain Whammy                    Hip Hip Heredia theatre
Rocks Karma Arrows                                                Chief One-Eye                         Motus Theatre
Godspell                                                                  Jeffrey                                     MHC Players
Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat       Joseph                                     MHC Players

Music Production

Here is some music and songs I created for various pieces.

 Music by Carlos Heredia               Music by Carlos Heredia               Music by Carlos Heredia

Music & Lyrics by Carlos Heredia

Film/Web Shorts

A few web shorts I filmed with my kids and friends just for fun; wrote, edited, and did the music. 

Quest To Change The World

Quest To Change The World       Quest To Change The World       Quest To Save The World           Quest To Change The World

Pilot "More Love, Less Hate"       Ep 1 "Parent of the Week"           Ep 2 "It's Gonna Be Alright"        Ep 3 "A Poem about Women"

Quest To Change The World      Quest To Change The World       Quest To Change The World       Quest To Change The World

Ep 4 Welovia; A Micro-Nation     Ep 5 "You're Not Alone"               Ep 6 "Kids Are Watching"            Ep 7 "Time With Your Kids"

Quest To Change The World      Quest To Change The World       Quest To Change The World

​Ep 8 "Life Support"                     Ep 9 "Pre - Judge Us"                  Ep 10 "Let The Children Run The World"


Original family friendly musicals, that gives new and seasoned actors of all ages an opportunity to work together to teach and learn from one another, and spread some positivity. We've worked with schools, community centers, the YMCA and many many more. 

Here is a successful fundraiser we did in the past that gives some insight about what Hip Hip Heredia is all about​​. 

Special Skills    
Writer, Singer (Tenor) Rapper, Poet, Director, Music Production (pro tools, Cubase), Video editing, Website developing, DJ, Guitar, Bass, Bongos, Conga, Drums, Finger Cymbals, Keyboards, Maracas, Organ, Percussion, Piano, Recorder, Tambourine, Fluent in Spanish, Cycling, Props, Sets, Great with Children and teens, Improvisation, Archery, Baseball, Basketball, Body Building, Bowling, Boxing, Canoeing, Clown, Diving, Fishing, Football, Frisbee, Golf, Handball, Hiking, Horseback Riding, Ice Skate, Juggler, Jump Rope, Kayaker, Martial Arts, Ping Pong, Paddle boarding, Rollerblade, Running, Snow Ski, Soccer, Softball, Weight Lifter, 

Hair:        Black                                           Eyes:       Brown
Height:    72.0”                                           Weight:   220lbs Age:        48 yrs                                          Chest:     47”
Waist:      39”                                              Hips:       44”
Inseam:   34”                                              Neck:      17 ½”
Shoe:       12 ½                                           Sleeve:     37”


JTA Inc Talent Agency      (NC)         704 377-5987

Models Inc Talent Agency   (CA)         415 513-4471

W-Talent                    (CO)         720 399-1519


Let's face it, diversity trainings in the workplace at times can be an uncomfortable, daunting experience. Why not bring in a performance?  We would love the opportunity to help you put together a diversity training experience that you will never forget. We can come with one of our original shows that is relevant to your needs or  write a completely new one catered to your company. 

Please contact us to talk about your needs, we'd love to work with you.