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Dear Carlos and entire cast and crew,

     Please allow me to compliment you all. I saw the Thursday night (8/9/18) performance and was blown away! First, let me say that all the acting and singing exceeded my expectations. Everyone was spectacular! The plot, flow, and message of the play was superb! I want to speak on the message and what it meant to me... I am white. I consider myself an open-minded individual who is absolutely against racial, gender, or any kind of injustice or inequality. Your message and aspects of the play keep keeps playing over and over in my head. As a white male, there is no way I could ever fully understand the depth of how life is truly like growing up as a minority. Your play helped. It made me realize that there is still so much more that I can do to hopefully reduce the privilege gap. I truly believe that one person can make a difference. I was reminded of that from a very good friend of mine recently and your play has reminded me again. You are using art and theater as a platform to get your message out to the masses, which is an incredibly powerful thing. I commend your strength and applaud your resolve. You made me laugh and think for about 90 minutes..but you may have changed my perspective and approach to social situations for a lifetime. What an amazing gift! So thank you Carlos and cast for gracing us all with your talents. Forever grateful, 

Michael Charles

What a great looking website Carlos. Congrats and continue on your successful journey. I am one of your hugest fans.


"Then Sean Met Khalid" is a poignant, thought provoking performance that is deeply relevant for all audiences. Carlos Heredia is a master at presenting serious issues, while entertaining at the same time. The issue of race is the issue of America and Heredia succeeds in engaging his audience in a personal, authentic manner. No one leaves the theatre without continuing the important conversation that Heredia implores us to begin. Don't miss it."​

Gerald Chertavian

​Founder & CEO of Year Up

My brother Carlos is my inspiration. As a child he taught me how to draw and throughout his musical career he continues to teach me the definition of what having integrity as an artist really means. His new musical is not just a creative take on racism, it's a courageous one. Once you see this musical, you'll know what I mean.

David Heredia

CEO/Director of Animation & Design

Heredia Designs, LLC 

     I love how you believe in what your heart speaks to you. Look what you’ve created!  I’ve watched the growth of your play, Then Sean Met Kahlid, and I’m inspired and honored every time I see it.  This last performance in Boulder was off the roof!  As a person of color living in this community I so appreciate the thought provoking and entertaining opportunity you have created for people to reflect on veiled racism.  Because I hear all the time, “Racism doesn’t exist in Boulder.”  But that’s not my experience and that’s not what I hear from other people of color.  We are tired of being followed around in the stores, having our contributions ignored in the workplace and in school and having people ignore or deny what we say about our experiences because it makes them uncomfortable to address it.
     Racism is not an easy topic in this country. It stays suppressed and we all suffer from the effects, ALL of us, no matter what race. Your play introduces many people to insights about race, history and our interactions with one another that they may not have been aware of.  It also validates for many of us, what we experience in our lives, sometimes on a daily basis. 
I encourage anyone who has even the slightest interest or curiosity about this play, to get on Carlos’s mailing list so you can experience this wonderful, fun, insightful and poignant theater.  Then take it a step further and tell others about it, share your experience, ask questions, initiate conversations with people in your life, do research about history and racism, learn more about how it has affected your country, your community, your friends, family and you.  Because it has you know.  
     Carlos, you are gifted with so much talent.  Thank you for continuing to share with us.  The words you use, the music you create and the concepts that explode from them are nothing short of absolute brilliance.  I LOVE your play.  Just keep doing what you do my dear brother.  We ALL benefit from your creative genius.
Norma Johnson

Organizer & Facilitator

​All In Spirit

Now that I finally have time, I want to let you know that I enjoyed your show "Sean Met Kahlid" enormously.  The acting and singing was superb in general.  More specifically,  you were superb.  I had no idea that you were so talented.  Your impressive talent is only surpassed by the important subject matter.  It is unfortunate that the public is in such great need of having our awareness heightened.  But you did so with well thought out, thought provoking humor, enthusiasm, creativity, and panache.  I'm so glad that I brought my teenage son to see "Sean Met Khalid" because it appeals to upper elementary school students through senior citizens.  Being a former middle and high school educator and parent, I can say that with certainty and authority.  Therefor, I hope that you continue to share your skills with multi-generational populations all over the country and the world, Carlos.  Keep up the great work and thank you.

​Dale Scofield

Partner at Adventress Living, LLC

     I had the privilege of adjudicating a performance of Carlos Heredia’s production of “Then Sean Met Khalid” at the Colorado Community Theatre Coalitions 2014 festival. My job was to observe, notate, and articulate an assessment as to what degree the production was fully-realized, according to CCTC/AACT (state and national) regulations. 
All productions are works in progress, and it was a pleasure to provide insight as to where Mr. Heredia might consider workshopping his production to further evolve the piece to be more “fully-realized,” in support of the integrity of his creative vision and intention to make a profound contribution to the theatre community, and to society as a whole.  

     I found “Then Sean Met Khalid” to be an inspiring invitation to consider what is possible when issues of race and discrimination of any kind, are allowed to be addressed, played out, and healed through the modality of theatre. Mr. Heredia is not afraid to tackle these issues head-on, yet has chosen to do so in a playful and entertaining navigation, managing to disarm into submission the spectrum of emotions that surface in response to the button’s his production consciously and intentionally pushes. 
     The mastery of Mr Heredia’s craft is evident in the degree to which his passion for the arts,  his commitment to creating a sacred space for healing dialogue, and his love of humanity, are present in each breath of his production. Unapologetic in its straight forward approach, he is also not afraid to manipulate his audience with a dash of sentimentality or a vaudevillian influenced interaction, to keep his audience engaged. His “No child left behind,” “We’re all in this together,” “It takes a Village,” style, guarantees everyone a place at the table, all the while holding everyone accountable for what they bring to the table. 
     I believe that Mr. Heredia has a talent for creating sacred space, bringing people together, and facilitating a healing process through his storytelling. “Then Sean Met Khalid,” provides one such opportunity. 
Peter J. Hughes
Delahues Producitons, Inc.

  I loved the play I found it a great way to discuss race and class and respecting all people and values- thanks brenda

​Brenda Lyle

Family Learning Center

     This play was amazing and was a powerful statement to the daily struggles that many of us face with racism. It was an incredible form of expression that many of us, no matter what color, religion, or creed feel inside but, are not able to speak. "Then Sean Met Khalid" is thought provoking and challenges all it's viewers to question themselves and everyone around them about how they deal or have dealt with racism. Not only did it make you think, but it made you laugh at those things that you are not accustomed to laughing at out loud. 
     Whether it was due to your own personal humor or, just based on smirking because it hit so close to home, there is no way for you to sit through this play and not have a reaction. This story is the reflection of truth that many are scared to deal with. The dynamic performance of the cast brought life to the extraordinary writing and ingenious idea of Carlos Heredia; the writer, director, and actor that played the main character, Sean. There was also great chemistry on stage between Ariel Haan, who played "Kylie White" (sister) and, Angela Hunt, who played the mother, "Karen White". Alex Cullimore also shined, playing multiple characters but, none more important than "Jessie" who was the very honest yet, innocently ignorant friend. 
     All the other actors and characters complimented the play tremendously. Not to mention, all the songs sung by the cast were remarkably fitting to the theme. To sum it all up in one word, this play was "PERFECT"!!!
George Escalante 
​Internship Coordinator
Bronx Haven High School

Talking about Race is as important as ever and Carlos Heredia’s “Then Sean Met Khalid” is a wonderful vehicle which to do so.  This informative, heartbreaking and funny piece of musical theatre takes the audience on an exploration of how Race is dealt with among youth and within the education system. “Then Sean Met Khalid” is a valuable educational tool for students, faculty and administrators. I saw it years ago and still think about it to this day. 
Rebecca Brown Adelman
Founding Partner
Affinity Arts

SEAN MET KHALID is an intense play with a modern day message. The story line leaves the audience in deep thought where you must come to your own judgment & conclusion when it comes to race relations.  This play remains on point as race issues arise for young Sean.  He is faced with wondering who he really is.  It's as if his sudden epiphany opens a new door in his life to where questions suddenly seem to never get answered by those who love him. I look forward to seeing this play again & again.  BRING IT BACK TO NYC!!!      
Veronica Wade

The topics of race and injustice are ‘difficult dialogues’ to have; particularly when progress in our society often leaves many believing that such subjects are outdated and unnecessary. The production of “Then Sean Met Khalid” does an exceptional job of balancing thought-provoking critique of race and sociopolitical issues with appropriate humor. This format only served to close the ‘diversity gap’ and reduce the anxiety of engaging in an important conversation. I recommend this theatrical-activism to all post secondary educators.
B. Afeni McNeely Cobham,

PhD Department of African Studies

Metropolitan State University of Denver

Personally I liked the fact that you were willing to tackle racism from various angles, especially since there’s an attempt to claim it’s no longer an issue when we know that’s far from the truth. Amongst other commentaries touched upon, I particularly liked your comments about “ending racism is to give up white privilege” and “having amnesia about American history.”  I also loved your reference to the “diagnosis” given to runaway slaves.  Drs. Joy DeGruy and Amos Wilson are among my favorite educators, so it’s good to see them listed as references.

Rene Harris
Ban The N Word

I must say that “Then Sean Met Khalid” The Musical delivers as promised! The body of work brought forth by Carlos Heredia & company is presented in a refreshing manner that we the American people can collectively relate to in some way, shape or form no matter which side of the coin we tackle the notion of intrinsic "white privilege" from. This show hit home in a big way and prompted me to reflect. By addressing key world-views on this sensitive issue of assumed intrinsic value, this body of work effectively hones in on uniting us all under a flag of mutual understanding, despite our varied upbringings that taught us to think in certain ways that may be limiting. The ability cast aside those chains of dogma takes we as a people one step closer towards the goal of bridging the opportunity divide. Most powerful in “Then Sean Met Khalid” was when Sean made the basketball reference and asked of his dear friend if he would defend someone he did not know. It's very telling because people can often say what they are self-less and compassionate; however, can this extend to those who are in peril, who you don't know extrinsically, but we can say we definitely know intrinsically because we have the same heart. My takeaway is we are each of us angels, blessed only with a single wing; therefore we can only fly by embracing each other. Land of the free, home of the brave and rock on! (Oh and on a side note my colleagues and I at Year Up really enjoyed Sean’s’ Grandma’s voice; it channeled that of Archie Bunker’s wife Edith from “All in the Family”)

Jonathan A. Mabry

Truly a work of art. Carlos Heredia takes the sensitive subject of racism in America to a relatable place for people of all colors and ages. This musical is thought provoking, funny and very entertaining. Bring this play to your community or school and keep the conversation going!
Kathleen Barton

Co-Creator & Director of

The Graceful Planet Moving Arts Center  

Carlos, you have created and produced An AWESOME show! You have faced the ugly monster, a world issue, racism, head on in a comedic, yet serious manner that will make anyone with a racist mind think about what they are doing or saying .So hopefully, the messages will act as a wake up call for many, and then you'll know your mission has been accomplished. See you on Broadway soon! .....and a singing guitarist too! Now you know I'm impressed!
Carmelita Frazier

My brother...Wonderful production! Inspired my daughter to research Khalid Muhammed, Dr. Henrik Clarke, etc. Looking forward to seeing more or your work with messages from an elder black man to black children. Also, your production was hilarious.

Kevin Neequaye

Carlos!!! What a show!!! Moving and inspirational. Showing us all how to make our art meaningful. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to tearing down boundaries! I'm offering you and your cast time in our studio to record the show whenever you'd like. It's an open offer. Just tell me when. Best, Red

Redford Reid


Wonderful, thought-provoking play. I brought four of my six children with me, 4 who happen to be African-American. I thought I understood racism until I adopted black children. I, like the majority of white America, had no idea. I have always openly discussed with all my kids issues of racism, diversity and our history of prejudice. Your play was a great venue for them to view all sides of racism and sparked a fabulous discussion on the ride home. We LOVED the song "Beautiful." It brought tears to all our eyes. My oldest daughter was hoping it was available for purchase. Thank you so much for this play and please continue spreading you wonderful, thought-provoking, and discussion-inducing words!
Sherri Rich

I wish every American could see Then Sean Met Khalid. Beautifully written and composed, it's a rockin' musical -- and an essential primer for how to hold informed, thoughtful conversations on race in the U.S. 
Carlos' heart is as big as his talent. Both will crack you open if you let them. ...Let them.
Jim Walker
Norlin Senior Instructor, CU Boulder
Creator, Normal Heights

The performance could not have been better. The play was excellent! It touches on all the themes of a child growing up adopted by white parents. I identified with everything. The play assists white parents in better understanding the racism their child most likely will face; but s/he may not even tell their family when racist events occur. You get a glimmer of what it is like for your child to grow up as a person of color. You get a glimpse of what a person of color goes through each day.  A must see!!!! 
Tina Phil (Sweet-T)

We have been to 6 years of Heritage Camp and I have to say this is one of the more emotional and thoughtful experiences I have had while learning about my transracial adoptive family, myself and the complexity of white privilege. Take kleenex!! And be ready to laugh. Highly recommend you attend and take your extended family if they are willing.
Morgan Richards

A-mazing! Go next weekend if you can. And plan to stay for the cast talk afterwards. Bring tissues!

Shannon Lawrence

African Caribbean Heritage Camp

"By being in this production I now see racism all over.  It's as if racism is on the rise.  It may be, but now I see what I never saw before as a Caucasian; subtle and covert racism.  I see myself standing up against racism as I never did before.  Through this play racism has become personal."

Kathleen Hill

I got to see the show for second time yesterday! Excellent job. This play is very important. It's a great conversation-starter for unlocking the complicated issue of racial injustice. The current New York cast has a great set of singing voices too!

Andy Rosenbloom

Thanks to you all for a fantastic production, asking difficult questions and covering hard topics whilst making us laugh. As well as the approach to the content, I'd like to commend you all for the quality of the individual performances, emotional and committed acting, excellent singing and a truly professional finish. Pat yourselves on the back, my best wishes and luck to you all.
Daniel Wallington 

Charlie, I was so impressed and very proud to say, "I knew him way back when".....thank you for reminding us of the power that words have. As children we learn what we hear from the adults around us and repeat them without flinching. Hopefully, as adults, we've become better role models for the next generation....I know YOU have! Unforgettable....God Bless.
Elizabeth Gerena

​Words alone cannot express the emotions I felt from your work of art, that you put into place for us all. You see many of us have been in the same path of not belonging and have not been able to express it in a positive way as you did. The anger that stems from it can only destroy us but with your help in the form of art will only make it easier, please, please pass it on. I would like to thank you once again for a wonderful performance and I will you nothing but success in your future endeavors…….

Elba Feliciano

As expected, another master piece Mr. Heredia. Having seen most all of your productions, knowing that like your previous shows you created the music, lyrics, wrote the play, and directed for When Sean Met Khalid I came in with high expectations. Needless to say, they were all met. Every aspect you can expect from a HipHipHeredia production. Original music, laughter, realistic situations, and a strong underlying message that strikes to the heart of the audience. As an Administrator for a school in New York, I only ask that if/when you come back east and decide to bring your talents back to the schools, that CASTLE MS be considered. Bravo!
​Brian Zager

Principal at School of Academic and Athletic Excellence

Carlos, it was indeed a pleasure watching you perform and encode the unfortunate ways of our society and how we see racism. Your true dedication to your work and your views has definitely enlightened many. Nothing short of a heartfelt appreciation and your future endeavors, I wish you success. You have been truly blessed with not only talent but with loving support from your family and friends which I have been fortunate to be part of. Continue on the road to success my friend. God bless you and everyone's heart that you have touched. Great Job !!!
Frankie Rodriguez 

I got to see the show for second time yesterday! Excellent job. This play is very important. It's a great conversation-starter for unlocking the complicated issue of racial injustice. The current New York cast has a great set of singing voices too!
Andy Rosenbloom

We came to Denver during the easter holiday weekend and saw your play. My wife and I enjoyed the play very much. This is a very great way to show the struggle that a lot of young african americans deal with regardless of their race, or religion but are afraid to say how they really feel. One of the most thought provoking plays I've seen and experienced in a very long time. It makes you think about what is going on in today's society and what you may say or treat someone whether you realize it or not. Keep up the great work.
Lynton and Alesia Leacock

Fantastic show. Needs to be out there. Thank you.
Felicia Furman

I need to know if you have any other performances in Boulder coming up as we were unable to attend any the weekend of March 9-11??? Thank you, 

Barbara Richards 

Fabulous play that is both heart opening and gut wrenching--a potent combo. This play has the potential to reach and teach people about latent racism gently, but powerfully, ensuring the message gets through to many more people. A great example of edutainment and art-ivism.
BarbGurudev Khalsa

kathy Novak said:   August 8th, 2012 12:08 pmWould love to see the sounds awesome. All my best to Nicki Bennett and the rest of the cast and crew!
Kathy Novak

We would love to talk with you about performing the play in August. Please contact via email provided with comment!

We are fortunate to have such a tremendous resource available in the form of Carlos Heredia’s entertaining and thought-provoking musical. I volunteer with a restorative justice organization in Longmont and I will be spreading the word about this wonderful play that stimulates awareness of veiled racism in a context of compassion, humor, and fun! The call to action is gentle and moving, and seriously meant -- heeding it at whatever level we can muster will move us all toward affirming the beauty of humans of all ethnicities. Bravo, Carlos and cast!
Cate Tschumy

WoW!!! Loved this production!! Well written+hilarious+successfully delivers it's message(s)! Wayyyy better than any DCPA production I've in the past few years. Sincerely hope Carlos Heredia and his group catch on locally, nationally and beyond.... REMARKABLE! xxox ;)

Thanks for an insightful, thought provoking script. Your play affirms the >> humanity of all people (including the potentially despised but ultimately >> lovable grandma) and the oneness of humankind without a drop of sappy >> syrup. Great songs, too. I caught the performance in NYC. >> Thanks, >> 
Tavoria Kellam

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your play and admire that you wrote, directed and acted in the performance. You are indeed a role model for the younger generation and especially young black men who in America are oftentimes marginalized and trivialized.

Deborah V. Burgess
Burgess and Associates
International College of Beijing

That was a good play!!! ;-)

Thanks for presenting such a moving play. I could relate to "Sean" as his progress maturity from a boy to a man. I also believe that the negative attitude only lives because we allow it.
Bradley Winbush

Carlos - excellent show! Besides being fun and entertaining, this show is IMPORTANT! It is refreshing to see racism addressed in a form that feels real and true to life -- not forced, not sugar-coated. The play would have a meaningful impact for both diverse and homogenous audiences. I salute you for writing such an insightful work and thank you for bringing out to NYC!
Andrew Rosenbloom 

Carlos, this was an amazing play! Come back to New York soon!
Katherine Leung 

Great play, Carlos! You'd better perform some more in the city!
Gianni Rodriguez

I really enjoyed the show and I'm so glad you chose to be Sean white because you played the part very well. I also liked that it was like a musical. Very different. Good Luck homie and I hope your play gets all the recognition it deserves. well done.
Marisol Ayala (Mari) 

Carlos, you have created and produced An AWESOME show! You have faced the ugly monster, a world issue, racism, head on in a comedic, yet serious manner that will make anyone with a racist mind think about what they are doing or saying .So hopefully, the messages will act as a wake up call for many, and then you'll know your mission has been accomplished. See you on Broadway soon! .....and a singing guitarist too! Now you know I'm impressed!

Carmelita Frazier

Carlos....!!!! What a terrific show. You brought an important theme out to us and helped us/me better understand it. Change is possible!! Thank you.
John Cancel

Great work out there bro.. I am impressed.. The story was great, the Heredia humor was in there, and for the first time i got the hear Carlos sing. Im proud of you, and wish you continued success..

Steven & Edwin Caba

Happy year ----- see you there!!!
Atrane Caba

Carlos, what you are doing is amazing! Keep up the great work ^.^ I look forward to watching you future shows.
Karina Diaz

haha... so you've been at the curtain huh? Well, good for you. Since the onset I've been aching to see your production(s). The sound of it sounds sweet. Great way to express what ya feel. Amen. Look forward to this one... haha will I finally make it? Peace and love is all I have for you my black friend. lolz
Johnny Pichardo

I remember us growing up and you were always so talented with music and i can see what god had in store for you. i am happy for you and wish you success in all of your future endeavors my man…
Gabriel Deltoro

Hey Carlos, I loved participating in your plays and I would be more than glad to go watch them any day. I really think you're a talented man. Que Dios te bendiga y siga cumpliendo tus suenos oh and is very sweet of you to still keep us as part of your website

:D Raymar Mendoza

I'm so proud of you and all you are doing, had to come and sign your guestbook little bro, you've followed your dream and are living it, love ya Smirna
Smirna Diaz

I guess is one way to prove people visited your website...nice touch. Hey I admire everything you do for the make them think about the events taking place today. You put everything in perspective for the common man/woman. Keep up the good work...I love you my brother.

Julio Heredia

¡Felicitaciones! to everyone involved. This was my second time watching this play, and I got so much more from it than the first time. Break a leg tonight, guys!
Antonio Naula Rodriguez

Saw Clownsville II last night...Once again, a great message!! Captain Whammy saves the day!! Doing something positive once again!! So proud of you guys....

Elizabeth Gerena